Michael A. Riley
(as Major General John Fulton Reynolds) 

Mike Riley photo as John ReynoldsIn the early 1980’s, the homestead of Major General John Fulton Reynolds in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was an adult bookstore. Michael A. Riley began a crusade to save the home of the valiant Civil War General by educating the local public about the heroic military career of their native son.

Following in these endeavors, Michael Riley has become one of the country’s foremost authorities on John F. Reynolds. Not only does Mr. Riley bear a striking resemblance to the late General, but through many years of research and contact with the remaining Reynolds family members, he has become a biographer of Reynolds and as well as a Civil War re-enactor portraying General John Reynolds. His book, "For God's Sakes, Forward!” is considered required reading for Civil War enthusiasts and fans of its officers.

Mr. Riley served as historical consultant and actor’s double for Ron Maxwell’s Civil War movie epic, Gettysburg. He also appeared as John F. Reynolds in the award-winning Gettysburg: Boys in Blue & Gray by Luminence Films. Mr. Riley continues to educate Civil War organizations, historical groups, college students, and school children with his living history portrayals and by teaching history classes.

Mr. Riley actively participates in many Civil War re-enactments. He is a member of the 30th Pennsylvania, Co. E, as was his great-grandfather John B. Riley. While he was employed as a historical consultant for Dale Gallon Historical Art in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he was asked to pose for several of Mr. Gallon’s paintings and write essays for publication. He is currently working on the Reynolds’ family papers and editing for future publication. He resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife, Rebecca.